The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales


The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales by EA English Download As PDF. Characters The Knight the Squire the Yeoman the wife of bath. Saint Thomas Shrine 29 Pilgrims to Pilgrimage. Tabard Inn Herry Belly. MA English lecture in Urdu

Download As PDF Canterbury Tales in Urdu Hindi

MA English Literature The Prologue to the Canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer In Urdu Hindi PDF

Geoffrey Chaucer (  C. 1343 – 25 October 1400)

  • 30 Pilgrims were on their way to Saint Thomas Shrine in Canterbury.

جعفری چوثر کی یہ نظم کنڑبری ٹیلز ان کہانیوں کو نظم میں بنا نا، اور انگلش میں شاعری لکھنا، پہلی بار انگلش کا کا شاہکار تخلیق کرنا، اس کو یہ اعزاز دیتا ہے کہ اس کو فادر آف انگلش لٹریچر اینڈ پوئڑی کہا جاتا ہے۔

30 Character Intro in Urdu

  • The host
  • The Knight
  • The Squire
  • The Yeoman
  • The Prioress
  • The Monk
  • The Friar
  • The Merchant
  • The Clerk
  • The Sergeant of law
  • The Franklin
  • The Member of a Guild
  • The Cook
  • The Shipman
  • The Doctor of Physics
  • The Wife of Bath
  • The Parson
  • The Ploughman
  • The Miller
  • The Manciple
  • The Reeve
  • The Summoner
  • The Pardoner

The Host runs the Tabard Inn, where the group of pilgrims meet prior to their journey. The story-telling contest is the Host’s idea. A large man, the Host is loud, boisterous (noisy, energetic, and cheerful.), and jovial (cheerful and friendly.). Many believe that Chaucer modeled this character after himself.

The Yeoman Forester

The prioress

The Monk

The Merchant

“The Wife of Bath is the most believable and the most vibrant of all the Canterbury Tales characters. From the city of Bath, the Wife of Bath is wealthy and well versed in the ways of love. She’s been married five times and is perhaps going on the pilgrimage in search of husband number six. The Wife of Bath is an excellent seamstress and wears stylish clothes. She enjoys offering advice about love and relationships, and it appears that she thinks women should have the upper hand in marriage. The Wife of Bath is handsome, with a ruddy complexion and broad hips. She’s hard of hearing, perhaps due to a blow by one of her husbands. She’s described as having gap-teeth, which was a sign of sexual passion and libido in Chaucer’s time.

The Clerk

The Franklin  the Canterbury Tales.

The parson

The plowman  the Canterbury Tales.

The Miller 

The Friar  the Canterbury Tales.

The Lawyer  the Canterbury Tales.

The Manciple  in the Canterbury Tales.

The Summoner in the Canterbury Tales.

The Doctor

The Pardoner


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