English Dialogues practice with Emran


Practice these dialogues and Small Talk Conversation with EA English Emran Ali Rai. Listen and Read next Line and try to focus on the Accent and Expression. Under the list would guide you how to follow this Lesson for your Accent and Fluency development.

  • Listen the whole dialogue Carefully
  • Listen in the condition so that you could speak in the same accent
  • then play the first line and speak the second line
  • Try to check your accent and play audio to compare your accent.

Replacing a Shirt (English Dialogue)

2 can I help you

3 Yes.. It is about the shirt I bought it here.

4 Yes sir…!!

5 well I am not pleased with it

6 what is wrong with it.

7 it doesn’t really fit the sleeves are too long

8 Let’s try an other one

9 How is that

10 let’s try another one how is that.

11 Oh yeah, that is much better

12 well we’ll change it and check this one

13 thank you very much indeed

Buying Shoes ( English Dialogue)

14 Buying shoes

15 Can I help you.

16 yes please I want some black shoes

17 with laces or slip on

18 with laces please

19 what size

20 Ten i think but would you measure my foot

21 Certainly yes, it is 10 now how about these

22 well they feel a bit tight here can I try the next one

23 off course , try these

24 they are better fit but i don’t like this colour that is too shiny

25 they are better fit I don’t like this colour they are too shiny have you got another colour

26 emmm afraid not , that is all we have

27 All right then I would leave it , good bye

28 as you like Sir, goodbye

Lost My passport ( English Dialogue)

29 Lost my passport

30 Hi nadia what the matter you look worried

31 I have lost my passport

32 where did you put that

33 it was in my briefcase

34 have you lost your briefcase too

36 No, it is only the passport

37 have you reported it

38 No not yet

39 You’d better to go to the police station

40 yes I’ll

42 You’d better to tell your embassy too

43 yes I’ll

44 Do you need my help

45 No thanks I’ll take my brother with me

Where is it (English Dialogue)

46 Where is it

47 excuse me where is the principal’s office

48 it is in the next room

49 where is my class room

50 it is upstair on the next floor.

51 where is the ladies

52 it is downstairs on the ground floor

53 where is the library

54 it is on the top floor

55 where is the snack bar

56 it is down in the basement

57 How do you like lahore

Learn English with the help of Conversation and remember the proper use of this work!

1st listen the entire Dialogue, then Try to speak one line either 1st or second. You may also practice this dialogue with your friend, sister or brother.

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