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Ea Spoken English Is Generally Rooted Around the World Been Common in the Eyes of Public for the Mind of Learning English With Ea. Ea English Is Extracted From Two Words , E for Emran and a for Ayesha Her Wife. Ea English Is a Life to Be Practical in English Speaking Reading Listening and Writing , Teaching as Well. Ea English Stands for Electronic Academy in the Starting Then Later Own It Was Considered to Replace E for English and a for Academy Then Again It Was Realized That It Should Be Ea English as the Name of Emran Ali Rai Such as E for Emran and a for Ali but Now Nothing Is Been Made Sure That What Mentality Is to Percept for Its Real Wording but Overall I Can Say That Ea English Is for Teaching English Langue to Help People Who Want to Learn English With Urdu. If We Talk About Ea English as a Website So Think as Website Is a Web That Is Now Viral Web of Knowledge Besides English Learning Hub. Now We Started Stuffing This Site With the Web of English Poetry, Urdu Poetry Our Different Pages Introduce Different Ways to Reveal Out the Acknowledgement of Learning English. However, Ea English Website Contains the Data of Learning English Not Only in Urdu but Also Gaming Such as English Grammar , English Listening Test, English Listening Competition and We Functioned Many Things Such as a Book Shelf Stuffed With Books of English and Poetry . The Hot Thing in the Shelf Is Holy Quran. The Sacred Book’s Last 10 Surahs We Keep Inside to Be Translated in Audio and Written Format . As Its Common to Be Known That English Is a Second Language That Is Been Dealt With the Human Language, People Can Convert Their Spirit Into a Body in Which He Is Lying an Occupation to Speak Other , Though or Not He Is Native or Non-native. No Religion Constraint Its Above All From Any Kind of Racism or Religion Pressure. Now English Is Not a Bounded With a Boundary to a Country but Also a Mouthpiece of Arabic Speakers and in Asia, Its Known as Favourite Language of Every Single Person. The Subject in Which They Want to Overcome They Have to Search on Google or Youtube, and in Result They Get More Benefits if the Search Content Is Searched in Keywords of English Language. The Visitor Will Be Pleased to Know That We Are Infusing You With English Language to Speak Out With That Language Just to Be Blessed With the Sorts of Skill and Be Enjoyed Forever . Back to the Human History, Human Being Used to Contact With Gestures It Was Their First Language Later on, It Was Considered a Necessity to Keep the Secrets With the Language So They Researched and Invented So Many Words by Just Shouting Through Their Tongue and Earlier Than That History They Got Success in Changing Their Language Than the Enemies and Got Success in Their Policy of Speaking Language. As a Survey There Are About 6909 Languages Been Spoken in the World But English Is Still Been Spoken as Second Language in the World During the Current Era.


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