EA Speaking English Paragraph: NEWS 1: EA English Peacock news Pronunciation.

EA English news reading paras

We have Some Selected Paragraphs From ‘Dawnn newss’ Of Pakistan. That we collected Like Honey Bee. Over that we have Fun of Speaking English with an Accent of Native Speakers So that The Trainees Could feel Comfort. while they adopt their accent to native British or American English Accent.

How to Improve you English Listening, Speaking Skill. is the only one way,

first of All, we should listen so that we could speak of what we listen. Then put into Practical life.

  1. Listen to The Paragraph Carefully.
  2. Practice and Repeat after me.
  3. Try to Record in Audio in Whatsapp
  4. Speak English in front of your friends
  5. Try to listen talk shows
  6. try to listen English Commentaries in Matches live or offline.
  7. Go to my YouTube channel for such thing and search for it.

here is the First Paragraph

NEWS 1: EA English Peacock news Pronunciation.
Within two days, four peacocks have died in the village of Dedh Vero in Tharparkar, while several more were found to be sick. According to locals and experts, the peacocks are suffering from ‘Ranikhet disease’ – the symptoms being; swelling of the neck and secretion of water from the mouth, while it stops eating and drinking, and dies within three days. It should be noted that during the last two years, over 200 peacocks have lost their lives during each summer, however, no steps have been taken by officials to take care of the situation.


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