Causative Verbs


use of help, make, get, let in English with Examples Sentences. I have to get my hair cut, I have to get my car washed, I help him lift up. I make him write the work. such sentences can help you to learn English Grammar basically with Causative Verb. Watch video lesson and PDF to download with Bunch of Examples regarding this lesson.

Causative Verb
Causative Verb

I have a haircut = The haircut is already done

I need to get a haircut = The haircut is being planned for the future

Have you had a haircut? = The question is confirming if a haircut has been done already

Can you get a haircut? = The question is asking for a haircut to be perormed in the future

I need money to have a haircut = the statement discusses what you need to have to own a haircut already*

I need money to get a haircut = *the statement discusses what needs to be done in order to obtain a haircut in the future

In proper English grammar there is a big difference between the usage of the two terms.


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