Active Passive Lessons In Urdu

Active passive lessons in URdu

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Active & Passive In Urdu Lesson is a skillful way to learn and Teach the course in English the Inverted speech is flipped into other sides to speak up reply passively. Now Under the playlist there is all Pages down to the lesson so that People Could read the lesson with their own compression and possession of mind.

Here is the Lesson Playlist of Active Passive In Urdu and Under the list all Books pages are available so that You could read With Your own perceptions

This Lesson page Includes Test of each Passive voice lesson. CLicK here To Start test Of Active Passive.

This Page Includes these words to be searched:

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For more and more feature that are included by this website and content that is stuffed in is available by this TOUCH HERE TO GET MORE LESSONS

I Always Pray for my viewers and Students to be best of their luck and get success in their aspects for what they are striving and they deserve laurel and respect in their life.

God bless you!

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