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Emran Ali Rai

Who is Emran Ali Rai. Where is he from. Contact Number of Emran Ali Rai. Imran or Emran. How old is he? introduction of Emran Ali Rai. What is the city name of Emran Ali Rai from EA English. EA Means ? Best English Speaking Teacher in pakistan English to urdu

Emran Ali Rai
Emran Ali Rai EA Spoken English 03055970965 Online English teacher.

Emran Ali Rai was born in Dec 02,1994 in District Sahiwal, Teh Chichawatni, Chak 76/12. L . He spent his early life in the dusty and backward village of local Nationalist of Pakistan. in chak 76/12L dust and Dirty water was the play of the children for the whole days. Had few of friends in his early life who would play with him in kindergarten life. Madni , Imran langro, Allah Rakha judge, Rai inzamam ul Haq zami, Rai naeem Sawera kharal, Rai Sadi Ahmad Sawera Kharal and those who names of not into Information.

Emran Ali Rai in Blue at Chak 76/12 L in his early life.

His village was only helpful to teach him 5 classes. The primary school. that is still primary school. He finished his 4 grades from School of his village then he moved to nearby City ‘Mian Channun’.

Emran Ali rai Village 76/12L
Emran Ali rai Village 76/12L
Emran Ali Rai House at 76/12L
Emran Ali Rai House at 76/12L

Emran Ali Rai was lucky to find English teachers even in his village Mr. Sir ijaz was so strict to teach even basic Qaida of English , alphabet Sounds with words lik E for elephant, A for Apple with spellings. Moving to Mian Channun city in 2005 he joined 5 class teacher and in charge sir Nadeem Iqbal sb who was also best English teacher. in class 6th he found sir Anwar Chaddar sb. who proved to be similar teacher as in the past. in class 7th he got Teacher Sir Naghman Ali but sb who was considered to be his life

Village 76 12 L in landscape

inspirational teacher , he learnt English tenses from Sir Naghman Ali but sb. Where he learnt building up sentences and Emran Ali Rai got more talent of Speaking English when he came to learn Forms of Verbs 300 verbs with urdu meanings.

Emran Ali Rai Childhood
Emran Ali Rai Childhood (A is Emran Ali)

Emran Ali Rai started teaching in many private Academies and Colleges in his teen ages by showing the degrees.

Emran Ali Rai at the age of 5
Emran Ali Rai at the age of 5 (1999)

This picture is possessed by the childhood of Emran Ali Rai. when he is at the age of just 5 in 1999.

Emran Ali Rai 2018 at the age of 24
Emran Ali Rai 2018 at the age of 24
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