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In at On English Grammar Test PDF Exercise


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In at On English Grammar Test PDF Exercise With Urdu Lesson Preposition of Place Time. Learn English in Urdu With PDF Video And Online Test Preparation of Exams in English Practice worksheet for Basic English Test With Urdu Video lesson Lecture in Hindi EA English Book Spoken Easy Way to Solve Preposition Confusion.

Preposition test in urdu with ea english lesson

Question #1: Past Continuous Test Exercise Worksheet

Was he taking part in games in Urdu

Question #2:

She came at 4

Question #3:

he will come in The Month of Ramadan

Question #4:

Question #5:

She slept for 8 hours

Question #6:

Come back before the evening

Question #7:

We'll call you this evening

Question #8:

Do you think we will go to Jupiter in the futureٓ

Question #9:

In England, it often snows in December

Question #10: Online Test of Preposition of time

He was born in december 2