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How to Solve Preposition paper


In at On English Grammar Test PDF Exercise


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In at On English Grammar Test PDF Exercise With Urdu Lesson Preposition of Place Time. Learn English in Urdu With PDF Video And Online Test Preparation of Exams in English Practice worksheet for Basic English Test With Urdu Video lesson Lecture in Hindi EA English Book Spoken Easy Way to Solve Preposition Confusion.

Preposition test in urdu with ea english lesson

Question #1: Use of Among & Between

BA English Objective Test in At On Preposition in Urdu

Question #2:

He came in severe illness

Question #3:

She slept at 8

Question #4:

I shall stay there from date 2nd to 10

Question #5:

She slept since 8

Question #6:

He will meet on 5th of March

Question #7:

She came in Winter

? Centuries, years, Saal , Sadian, inky sath kia istamal hota hai?? lecture main bta dia gia thaQuestion #8:

There should be a lot of progress in the next century

Question #9:

Pakistan Blasted bomb at chazi on May 28
agar date sy pehly month aa jaye tu: Day k Sath On ka use hota hai jaisy Iqbal was born on Nov 9 hala k Month k sath tu in ata hai mgar asal bat tu date ki ho rhi hai na..

Question #10:

He will come On Iqbal Day