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IELTS Listening Test 2 in Urdu

IELTS Practice test 2 listening

EA English presents IELTS With Listening Module to practice for Enhancing the True Ability with Hearing & Understanding IELTS Language with native with Urdu language, Translation Prepare IELTS Online Test and PDF download free.

EA English Launched Test 2 For listening Practice of IELTS Module for beginners With Urdu Questions.

Aslam o Alikum, Emran Ali Rai Has launched a good News for the people who are needy for the charity of true ability of deprivation in listening Skills to help them for enhancing the ability of listening power, with this module of Listening Test, We have infused an ease of Your life when you are inside the examination hall of English Test for listening Test then you think of its preparation and specially, when we are helpful immensely in this field.

Well, let’s commence to have our cometh on to the topic:

  1. Play this video
  2. Start Test down
  3. attempt all question within the given time
  4. after you’re done with all question press Finish
  5. Check your result

How to improve listening skills improvement tips for IELTS