Practice GRE Advance English Vocabulary & Test

GRE newspaper English Vocabulary

Start Practicing Hard English Words with Online Test in Urdu. Exercise for Learning GRE English Test TOEFL Words used in IELTS, CSS Exams and other Competition Examination. Mostly these words to believed to be used in News as these words are Skimmed and scanned from News cut-Pieces. So enjoy practicing and learning new Words. Good luck!


You Passed the TEST

I am overwhelmed to Publicly Assert that Your perception to Read the news and Comprehend it is more than 80% and Accounding Emran Ali Rai (EA English on YouTube) Method of Testing English Language, You are guaranteed and Certified that You Can not rest behind the world of Best English Communicators. best of Luck for the future race of Life.. TEAM: EA English

OOoPSSsssss!! You Failed the TEST

EA English team Mourns that You couldn’t reach the level as we assume and consider. However, This is not the end, The failure doesn’t mean you are fail, it means you still need to work extraordinary and try again.

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#1 غیر طبیعی، ان دیکھا

#2 Laudable

#3 Zealous Meaning

#4 Pellucid

#5 Alliances Meaning in Urdu

#6 Dynamic

#7 Apprehensive

#8 Renovate

#9 عیاش

#10 Hoax

#11 indigenous

#12 Surveillance

#13 Credible

#14 Celerity

#15 Sordid

#16 Ostracize

#17 Occidental

#18 ردو بدل کرنا

#19 Impuissant

#20 Nosedive Meaning in Urdu


#22 Gloomy Meaning in Urdu

#23 Uncanny Meaning in Urdu

#24 Obdurate

#25 Extinct

#26 Interdependent Meaning in Urdu

#27 Inanimate

#28 Deride

#29 Grandiloquent

#30 Commodious

#31 Subsidies Meaning in Urdu

#32 مہلت ، وقفہ ، فرصت

#33 Crash Meaning in Urdu

#34 Ambiguous

#35 Senile

#36 رجحان



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