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EA Spoken English Learn English With Emran Ali rai

EA Spoken English Website is a new Step to the Production of Emran Ali Rai, Who has Unique Content that Challenges Google or YouTube in search if Some thing is same. However He touches the taste of Teaching Literature of English and art with his magical method of Teaching English. Emran Ali Rai is the famous Teacher not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. As an international Level, Most of English Learners Know him throughout the day and put him over their eyes to learn more and more from him. He has infused the aroma of English in the new modern way of Learning English , People get attracted by his English and teaching method of English. The most of the most from him is that people love to learn English accent of him.
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Learn English in Urdu to Speaking Language with Basic Lesson of Vocabulary & Grammar PDF Video and Online Test Of English Tenses Free Download Spoken Material Present Past Future Indefinite perfect Continuous tense In at on Will Shall Have Has had been Since For Check Grammar Spelling Correction Hindi.
Englishea is an Online Place which Means English For Asians those who live in The Asia. EA Spoken English, EA English Production, EA English Testing System, Online English Test, English In Urdu, English Grammar Test in Urdu, English Test Practice, English exercise, NTS Test Practice Online, English Books PDF, Emran Ali Rai, learn English With Emran Ali Rai.

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Production of Emran Ali Rai, Who Infuses the Minds of People in Pakistan Speaking Urdu Hindi Pushtu, Persian, Punjabi. A Communicative Language, Where He Told People What the Taste of English Is, With His Unbeatable and Unstoppable Fluency and Pace to Show How to Perfect Your Accent in English Speaking. Online test Grammar Checker NTS IELTS B.A Exam Practice Prepare.

We allow visitors to download PDF of English Books For Test and Books of Lessons with English learning contains English Tenses, English Active Passive, English to Urdu Sentences, English daily Use sentences, English in Urdu English preposition, English Grammar, English teaching practice, English listening test Practice English For IELTS English for B.A English book For Kids and kids and Parents series those who want to Speak English those who want to learn English those who are waiting to learn With Passion. They are welcomed here in this Site.
People always love to learn via his each lecture which he injects in the YOUTUBE  

Now a Days, Emran Ali Rai is busy in his Social Services of a Website Englishea.com

He is the interesting facts of  his website that People can find their ability by attempting the test of their learning if how much have they learnt from English pattern. You can attempt The test through this link .

Welcome To EA Spoken English Production , This is The Production of Emran Ali Rai . Where he will reveal the World of English with just few Words to Enhance your Speaking Power with your wills.

Share it to Your friends So that You could Help them to learn English with Urdu with these all skills

Start English From Right here

he says that English learning is so important in the Modern era, as People have now choice  in selection to make them perfect to their field this second language of the world of the human beings is not prevailing everywhere.

No One can ignore the value of this language. Even You hate this language, But You should have to learn it. because this is the only way to survive now. It’s Only way to be survived.

I would like to put something more in addition with EA Spoken English is a gigantic, the most sophisticated, And well designed structure to infused you such thing that were so difficult for you to learn before , These days its now easy for you.

either You want to listen, Or You want o Speak, Or You want to teach, By writing or reading, You can learn from us with Emran Ali Rai


Go on keep researching, more and More for learning English, I just want to share English, with the English learning World, The only one thing that i just want to get is that , I want people , come here. I need People, You need Education. Again I want to say : You need Education, I need people. People come. Search me. I search You . How long can you search me. And How much can I search You. Its like this website that I just want to make Globe of English Teaching.

Emran Ali Rai

best of Luck !!


EA Spoken English With Emran Ali Rai.


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your website is great brother keep it up

faisal zahoor
faisal zahoor

Asalamulaikum sir First of all I would like to appreciate you for the way you teach us English I belong to Kashmir india I have seen all your videos so far.But my main concern is that There’s future indefinite In this tense we use Sub + shall/ will+first from of verb + object We use shall with I,we And will with you,they,he,she,it,name For instance I would say I shall go to school tomorrow We shall go there tonight And rest you know very well But I have confusion there Some People use will with I and we ….Is it right… Read more »


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EA Spoken English Website


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EA Spoken English Website


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EA Spoken English Website



EA Spoken English Website


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